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General physics department

General physics department is one of the oldest in Kazan state university. Its first head was Nikolai Lobachevsky, great Russian mathematician and geometer, renowned primarily for his pioneering works on hyperbolic geometry, otherwise known as Lobachevskian geometry. 6 full professors, 12 associate professors, 8 instructors and 15 more people are working at the department today.

Department Head Dmitrii Tayurskii (on the right) with (left to right) I.R.Gafurov (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University rector) and Kimitosi Kono (RIKEN, Japan)

The department provides lectures for all general subjects and is also the home for two educational and research centers Biomedical optics and radiospectroscopy and Physics of complex systems. It boasts a unique collection of equipment for demonstrating physical experiments. In 2011 within the framework of KFU development program 4 of its laboratories (Optics, Mechanics, Molecular physics and thermodynamics, Electric and magnetic phenomena) have been upgraded with brand-new Leybold Didaktik equipment sets.


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