Konstantin Igudesman
Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data

First Name: Konstantin
Surename: Igudesman
Date of birth: September 8, 1974
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Nationality: Jew
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Number of children: 1
Address: Department of Mechanics and Mathematics,
Kazan Federal University,
Kremlevskaya st., 18, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420008
Tel.: 7 8432 315438
Fax: 7 8432 380994
E-mail: Konstantin.Igudesman@ksu.ru


1991-1996 MS degree in Mathematics with honor, Kazan State University.

Subjects studied:
Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, Analytic Geometry, Algebra and Theory of Numbers, Mathematical Analysis, Differential Geometry and Topology, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Complex Variable Theory, Functional Analysis, Foundations of Geometry, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Computational Mathematics and Programming, Physics, Mechanics, Riemannian Geometry and Tensor Analysis, Lie Groups, Fiber Bundles, Symplectic Geometry, Infinite-Dimensional Spaces, Algebraic Topology, Catastrophe Theory, Generalized Spaces, Differentiable Manifolds, Philosophy, English Language.

Diploma title: Connection on the space of Weyl connectivites. (10 June 1996)
Advisor: Victor E. Fomin

1996-1999 PhD degree in Mathematics, Kazan State University.

Subjects studied:
Spaces over Algebras, Foliation Theory, Crystallography, Fractal Geometry, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Symbolic Dynamics, Computational Mathematics, Philosophy, English Language.

PhD thesis: The Differential Geometry of Infinite-dimensional Manifolds over Algebras. (23 March 2000)
Advisor: Victor E. Fomin

Scientific Awards

1988  Third prize of Regional Mathematical contest
1990  First prize of Regional Mathematical contest
2002  Prize of the Kazan State Univerversity for the best report at the Youth School-Conference "Lobachevskie chteniya - 2002"


Since 1999 Teaching Assistant, Kazan State University

Organization of Conferences

I have been a member of the organizing committee of the Youth School-Conference "Lobachevskie chteniya - 2002", "Lobachevskie chteniya - 2003" in Kazan and of the International Youth Summer School-Seminars On Recent Problems In Theoretical And Mathematical Physics "Volga-11'99" - "Volga-14'2002" in Kazan.

Teaching Experience

I have taught courses on the following subjects at Kazan State University

Fractal Geometry
Theory of Measure
Higher Mathematics

Participation in Research Programs

1999-2000 Partner in the research project "The Leader Scientific Schools" (REC 285)
1999-2002 Partner in the research project "Universities of Russia - Fundamental Investigations" (No. 00-01-00308)
2004 RF Education Ministry and DAAD grant (No. 331 4 00 088).


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