Konstantin Igudesman


Konstantin Igudesman and his academic forefathers

The following information (incipient from Sergei P. Finikov) is an excerpt from the material that can be found at the homepage of The Mathematics Genealogy Project. The intent of this project is to compile information about ALL the mathematicians of the world. By searching, e.g., for Last Name "Finikov" at http://genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/html/search.shtml#" one can find Finikov's entry. By clicking on Finikov's name (almost) all his Ph.D. students are listed alphabetically, and his Ph.D. advisor (Dmitri Egorov) is displayed. By clicking on "Dmitri Egorov" one can find his advisor (Nicolai Bugaev) and so on. The list of doctoral father, doctoral grandfather, doctoral great grandfather, etc. below has been collected from the wonderful data repository of the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

Konstantin Igudesman
Ph.D. Kazan State University 2000
Dissertation: The Differential Geometry of Infinite-dimensional Manifolds over Algebras
Advisor: Victor Fomin

Victor Fomin
Ph.D. Kazan State University 1980
Dissertation: About Differential Geometry of Banach Manifolds
Advisor: Alexandr P. Shirokov

Alexandr P. Shirokov
Ph.D. Kazan State University 1952
Dissertation: Geometry of Generalized Biaxial Spaces
Advisor: Alexandr P. Norden

Alexandr P. Norden
Ph.D. Moscow State University 1932
Dissertation: Relative Geometry of Surface of Projective Space
Advisor: Sergei P. Finikov

Sergei P. Finikov
Ph.D. Moscow State University
Advisor: Dmitri Egorov

Dmitri Egorov
Ph.D. Moscow State University 1901
Advisor: Nicolai Bugaev

Nicolai Bugaev
Ph.D. Moscow State University 1866
Dissertation: Number Identities Connected with Properties of the Symbol E
Advisor 1: Karl Weierstrass
Advisor 2: Ernst Kummer (see below for this branch)

Karl Weierstrass
Honorary University Konigsberg 1854
Advisor: Christoff Gudermann

Christoff Gudermann
Ph.D. Georg-August-University Gettingen 1841
Dissertation: ûber die Entwicklung der Modularfunctionen
Advisor: Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss
Ph.D. University of Helmstedt 1799
Dissertation: Demonstratio nova theorematis omnem functionem algebraicam rationalem integram unius variabilis in factores reales primi vel secundi gradus resolvi posse
Advisor: Johann Pfaff

Johann Friedrich Pfaff
Ph.D. Georg-August-UniversitÄt GÒttingen 1786
Dissertation: Commentatio de ortibus et occasibus siderum apud auctores classicos commemoratis
Advisor: Abraham Kaestner

Abraham Gotthelf Kaestner
Ph.D. UniversitÄt Leipzig 1739
Dissertation: Theoria radicum in aequationibus
Advisor: Christian Hansen

Christian August Hansen
Ph.D. Martin-Luther-UniversitÄt Halle-Wittenberg 1713
Dissertation: De corpore scissuris figurisque non cruetando ductu
Advisor: Johann Wichmannshausen

Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen
Ph.D. UniversitÄt Leipzig 1685
Dissertation: Disputationem Moralem De Divortiis Secundum Jus Naturae
Advisor: Otto Mencken

Otto Mencken
Ph.D. unknown
Dissertation: unknown
Advisor: Unknown

Branch of the genealogy line above:

Nicolai Bugaev
lists, in addition to Weierstrass, another advisor:
Advisor 2: Ernst Kummer

Following the Kummer branch yields these additional academic forefathers:

Ernst Kummer
Ph.D. Martin-Luther-UniversitÄt Halle-Wittenberg 1831
Dissertation: De cosinuum et sinuum potestatibus secundum cosinus et sinus arcuum multiplicium evolvendis
Advisor: Heinrich Ferdinand Scherk

Heinrich Ferdinand Scherk
UniversitÄt Berlin 1823
Dissertation: De evolvenda functione .... disquisitiones nonnullae analyticae
Advisor 1: Friedrich Bessel
Advisor 2: Heinrich Brandes
Friedrich Bessel
Ph.D. Georg-August-UniversitÄt GÒttingen 1810
Advisor: Carl Gauss
Gauss has already appeared above as the advisor of Gudermann. This creates a cycle in the genealogy "tree".

Branch of the genealogy tree:

Heinrich Ferdinand Scherk
lists, in addition to Friedrich Bessel, another advisor:
Advisor 2: Heinrich Brandes

Following the Brandes branch yields these additional academic forefathers:

Heinrich Brandes
Georg-August-UniversitÄt GÒttingen 1800
Advisor 1: Abraham Kaestner
Kaestner has already appeared above as the advisor of Pfaff.
Advisor 2: Georg Lichtenberg
Georg Lichtenberg
Georg-August-UniversitÄt GÒttingen 1765
Advisor: Abraham Kaestner
Kaestner has already appeared above as the advisor of Pfaff.

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