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Director of the Institute
Professor Ramil R. Khairutdinov

  Address: 18, Kremlevskaja str.,
  420008 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 236-79-80

Institute of History

The historical science and teaching of history at KFU started developing since 1804, the year of its foundation. Initially, departments of history used to be a part of the Linguistics division of the Philosophy Faculty. In 1863, in compliance with the University Charter, the Faculty of History and Philology was opened. It existed until 1921. In 1921 the Faculty of History and Philology and the Faculty of Social Sciences were reorganized in the form of a new separate institution of higher education - Kazan Pedagogical Institute. In 1939 the Faculty of History was established, but in one year time it became the Faculty of History and Philology. Finally, in 1980, the latter was split into two separate faculties - the Faculty of History and Faculty of Philology.

In 2011 the Faculty has been transformed into the Institute of History.

At present, more than 800 students, including those who study by correspondence, study at the Institute of History.

3rd year students have to choose their major and register with a certain department. They attend special courses, participate in the work of seminars, which, as a rule, has to do with certain scientific directions of departments, deepening their knowledge, familiarizing themselves with modern scientific achievements, learning the basics of independent and creative thinking.

There are different study groups at the departments. Each year the Institute conducts scientific conference where students present results of their scientific work.

The curriculum consists of the following disciplines: Russian History, History of Ancient World, History of Middle Ages of the West and the East, History of Southern and Western Slavs, Historiography, Source Studies, Archaeology, Ethnography, History of Social Movements and Political Parties, Basics of Economic Theory, Philosophy, Political Science, Logic, Psychology, etc.

Special attention is paid to foreign languages. Apart from one of foreign languages (English, French, or German), students have to study either Latin or Ancient Greek language.

Supplementary historical disciplines which are necessary for mastering skills related to documentary work include Archival Studies, Archaeology, Paleography, and Historical Bibliography.

The Institute has unique Archaeological and Ethnographic museums, which expositions not only reflect the results of archaeological and ethnographic research but also directly contribute to education.

Professional training of students includes periods of practical placement - teaching at secondary schools, practical work in archives, libraries and museums.

Certain students focused on independent scientific-research activity are invited to become post-graduates.

At present the Institute employs over 70 lecturers and staff members, including 20 doctors and over 50 candidates of science.

Full members and corresponding members of academies of science

  • Tagirov I.R. - academician of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, laureate of the State Prize of RT and Kul Gali Prize;
  • Mukhamadiyev A.G. - corresponding member of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Khairutdinov R.G. - academician Humanitarian Academy of Sciences;
  • Valeev R.K. - academician Humanitarian Academy of Sciences, laureate of Kul Gali Prize.

Honored scholars of Russia and Tatarstan

  • Valeev R.K. (Professor, merited scientist of RT);
  • Tagirov I.R. (Head of Department, merited scientist of RT and RF);
  • Busygin E.P. (Professor, merited scientist of RT and RF);
  • Mukhamadiyev A.G. (Head of Department, merited scientist of RT);
  • Litvin A.L. (Professor, merited scientist of RT and RF);
  • Mikhailova S.M. (Head of Department, merited scientist of RT);
  • Hairutdinov R.G. (Head of Department, merited scientist of RT and RF);
  • Nabiyev R.A. (Professor, merited scientist of RT);
  • Burmistrov N.A. (Professor, merited scientist of RT);
  • Sharifzhanov I.I. (Head of Department, merited scientist of RT).

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