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Vladimir V. Astafiev

Post: Associate Professor

Phone: (843) 236-79-80

Academic degree: PhD in History
Academic status: Associate Professor
Speciality: 07.00.09 - historiography, source study and methods of historical writing.

The experience of pedagogical work: 21 years

Teaching disciplines:

  • Historiography
  • Genealogy
  • Special courses

Quantity of published works: 39
Quantity of teaching and methodical works: 4

Knowledge of language: German with vocabulary

Number of post-graduated students defended Ph.D. thesises: 3

Primary releases of last years:

  • Between two university regulations. 1863-1883 \\ Essays of Kazan State University history. Scientific notes of Kazan State University. V. 144. Kazan, 2002, 24p.,
  • N.P. Zagoskin and V.O. Kluchevsky: from history of the relationship of authors of "Boyar dumas" \\ Wolfson's lessons. Coll. of articles, Kazan. 2003. 7p.
  • Forming and Evolution of Kazan history school at the latter half of XIX - beginning XX century. 1860-1817. Research and teaching of domestic history at the Kazan State University. Kazan, 2003. 34p.

Curriculum Vitae

Astafiev Vladimir Vasilievich was born in 19.08.1952 at Ibresi settlement, Ibresi district of Chuvash ASSR. In 1969 finished secondary school of Betkinsk. In 1971-73 was on military service in Soviet army. In 1973-1974 - listener of preparatory courses of Kazan State University.

1974-79 - student of History and Philology Faculty of KSU.
1979-1982 - post-graduate student of the Department of USSR history.
1982-1985 - editor of the KSU "Leninec" newspaper.
1985-1989 - junior member of teaching, senior lecturer of the Department of USSR pre-Soviet history KSU.
1989-1998 - senior lecturer, Associate Professor of the Department of Historiography and Source Study.
1998-2004 - Head of the Department of Historiography and Source Study of Kazan State University.
Since September 2004 - Associate Professor of the Department of Historiography and Source Study.
Since March 2005 - 2011 -deputy dean of Historical Faculty responsible for study work.

In February 1984 - defended Ph.D. thesises "G.V. Plehanov about the role of raznochinetz intelligentsia in Russian liberation movement of XIX century".

In 1993 - Got the rank of Associate Professor.

The author of 42 science, teaching and methodical publications.

Married. Children: Astafiev Kirill, born in 1980, Astafiev Igor, born 1986.

Contact information.

Work address: 420008 Russia, Kazan, Kremlevskaya str., 18, Kazan Federal University, Institute of History. Phone: 007(8432)367980.


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