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Alter L. Litvin

Post: Professor

Phone: (843) 231-54-76
Fax: (843) 238-09-94

Academic degree: D.Sc. in History
Academic status: Professor
Speciality: 07.00.09 - historiography, source study and methods of historical writing.

The experience of pedagogical work: since 1951

Research direction: Evolution of historical science in soviet and postsoviet Russia

Teaching disciplines:

  • Domestic historiography
  • Civil war in Russia: Sources and literature
  • Socialistic partys in Russia: sources and historiography

Quantity of published works: 358
Quantity of teaching and methodical works: 11

Knowledge of language: English

Number of post-graduated students defended Ph.D. thesises 29 and 3 thesises for a Doctor's degree

Primary releases of last years:

  1. "Red and White terror in Russia. 1918-1922". Moscow: Yauza, 2004. 444p.,
  2. "Elcins in Kazan. Kazan". 2004. 92p.,
  3. "Stalinism: Russian and Western View on the Eve of Millennium". London:Routledge, 2005. 248p.

Curriculum Vitae

Litvin Alter Lvovich was born 18.12.1931 in Kazan. His father was a state employee. In 1950 finished school of "working youth" 3 with excellency. In 1955 graduated from Kazan State University, Faculty of History.

1951-1961 - teacher of history in 75 and 99 secondary schools (in Kazan).
1957-1962 - senior staff scientist, head of a department of soviet history State Museum TASSR
1962-1963 - junior staff scientist of Institute of History, language, and literature name of G. Ibragimova KF AN USSR.
1963-1979 - senior lecturer, assistant professor, professor of Kazan State Pedagogical Institute.
1979-1985 - professor, head of the Department of scientific communism of Kazan Chemical-engineering Institute.
1985-1989 - professor of the Department of USSR history of Kazan State University.
1989-1998 - founder and head of the Department of Historiography and source study of Kazan State University.
1998- till now professor of the Department of Historiography and source study of Kazan Federal University.

In 1962 - defended Ph.D. thesises "Party-soviet press in struggle for organization of defeat the enemies on Eastern front. 1918-august-1919. (Based on the materials of Vyatsk, Kazan, Samara, and Simbirsk provinces)."
In 1975 - defended thesis for a Doctor's degree "The peasants of middle Volga in Civil war".
In 1963 - Got the rank of assistant professor.
In 1976 - Got the rank of professor.

The author of 358 science publications, and 29 books among them.

Knowledge of languages: English

Contact information.

Work address: 420008 Russia, Kazan, Kremlevskaya str., 18, Kazan Federal University, Institute of History. Phone: 007(8432)367980.


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