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About the Institute
Stukenberg Geology Museum

Director of the Institute
Professor Danis C. Nurgaliev

  Address: 18, Kremlevskaja str.,
  420008 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 292-82-67, 233-71-61
  Fax: (007-843) 292-44-48

Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technology

Although the Faculty of Geology was opened only in 1949, traditions in Geology teaching and research date back to the very foundation of the University in 1804. In 2011 the Faculty has been transformed into the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technology.

At present the Institute employs 12 professors - doctors of science and 34 docents. It consists of 7 departments, the richest Stukenberg Geology Museum, 3 research laboratories, one of the oldest Russian magnetic observatories, study and research training centers, student laboratories equipped with modern computer facilities and special equipment.

Scientific-technical progress, which is closely linked to the development of our society, have had a significant impact on geology teaching at KSU. Apart from various classic disciplines taught at the Institute of Geology, one should also mention the Basics of Business and Marketing, Geo-Information Technologies, Basics of Law and Jurisprudence. Traditionally, great attention is paid to such forms of training, as field studies and practical work organized at training centers located on the Volga river and in the Urals, as well as in geology organizations of Tatarstan, Western and Eastern Siberia, Yakutia and other parts of Russia, with which the Institute traditionally maintains close ties.

Since recently, great attention is paid to international cooperation, in particular, with Orleans University (France), Leuven Catholic University (Belgium), Higher Technical School of Zurich (Switzerland).

Institute postgraduates are trained in six specialities. There are two dissertation councils at the Institute.

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