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   · Asc.Prof. R.Kashbrasiev

Director of the Institute
Professor Oleg P. Ermolaev

  Address: 18, Kremlevskaja str.,
  420008 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 231-54-17
  Fax: (007-843) 292-44-48

Institute of Ecology and Geography

The Faculty of Geography was founded in 1938. Over these years, the Faculty has trained over two thousand experts in physical geography, geomorphology, meteorology, climatology, economic geography, hydrology and ethnography. In 2011 the Faculty has been transformed into the Institute of Ecology and Geography.

The Institute has a meteorological observatory - the oldest in the country (founded in 1812) - and research laboratory "Soil and Plant Systems and Atmosphere" (headed by Prof. I.Breus).

Specialists are trained in three specialties: geography, meteorology and geoecology. New majors: geoinformatics; social-cultural service and tourism will be opened soon.

The Institute employs 59 professors, including 16 doctors of science, and 43 candidates of science.

Full and correspondent members of academies of science:

  • Yu.Perevedentsev - Academician of International Higher School Academy of Science, Russian Ecological Academy, Honored Scholar of Russia and Tatarstan.

The Institute has over 800 full-time students and about 250 part-time students. Post-graduate school is a key instrument in training highly-qualified experts with the following four scientific specializations:

  • Geomorphology and evolutional geography
  • Geoecology
  • Economic and social geography
  • Meteorology, climatology and agricultural meteorology
  • Ecology

The dissertation council for defense of candidate theses is operating successfully.

The Institute has developed famed scientific schools in Russia: Geomorphology, Meteorology, Mathematical and Geographic Modeling. Research is undertaken within the main research area "Natural and anthropogenic transformations of geosystems, their monitoring and forecast". Annually, dozens of research articles, monographs and textbooks are published. Various scientific conferences are held regularly.

Research is supported by grants of RFFI, URFI and Saint Petersburg Competition Center for Basic Natural Science.

The Institute provides deep knowledge in basic and natural science as well as skills of working with geographic information. Students participate in student research conferences, competitions and contests; students of meteorology receive professional skills at study section of the meteo center. Sport, tourist and cultural facilities are available. There is an annual ceremony of "ordaining to geographers" held out in the countryside. Summer practices and internships take place both in Tatarstan and a way outside. The Institute dormitory is one of the best at KFU.

Institute graduates majoring in "geography" and "geoecology" are trained for professional research in geographic and natural science profile. Thus, they can work at geological, design, exploration, nature protection, tourist and regional study organizations as well as engage in teaching.

Specialists in economic geography are well trained in spatial analysis and regional economics, mathematical and geographic modeling of natural, social and economic systems.

Graduates of the departments of meteorology, climatology and ecology of atmosphere with the knowledge of the physics of complicated atmospheric phenomena, general state of environment, methods of collection and analysis of extensive meteorological information received from different sources, including meteorological satellites, numerical and synoptic methods of forecast get jobs at branches of the Russian Meteo Service, organizations for nature protection and research institutes.

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