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About the Institute

Director of the Institute
Professor Aidar M. Kalimullin

  Address: 18, Kremlevskaja str.,
  420008 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 292-80-21

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology was opened by the Rector's Decree No. 61-0 of March 31, 2003, in accordance with the decision by KSU Senate of March 20, 2003. In 2011 the Faculty has been transformed into the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Acceptance and training of students in "Psychology" specialty is carried out with or without tuition. According to the curriculum which meets the State Standard, psychology students receive profound knowledge related to a number of social and cultural disciplines (philosophy, economics, pedagogy, sociology, foreign languages, etc), natural sciences (the basics of higher mathematics, anatomy and physiology of higher nervous activity). The block of disciplines which includes social knowledge is represented, first of all, by general psychology, as well as a vast range of applied psychological disciplines (social, pedagogical, age, clinical, judicial psychology, psychology of labour), psychodyagnostics, experimental psychology, basics of methodology and the history of psychology.

Thanks to the study of special disciplines, young psychologists grasp the essence of various branches of psychological culture, get acquainted with the basic directions of the world psychological science: psychology of soul, consciousness, behaviour; psychological analysis, geschtalt-psychology, activity-personality psychology, as well as humanistic and existential psychology.

Within the available specializations (psychology of personality, psychology of development, psychology of management, clinical psychology) students have an opportunity to listen to several dozens of special courses taught by the department's lecturers and practicing experts.

The majority of special courses are built on the authors' theoretical and experimental material. Students are trained in specific methods of work with people. Thus, students are invited to enter the teacher's research laboratory and to check their own experimental results and incorporate them into their term papers or senior theses.

Practical placement of students provides for cooperation with educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, institutions of higher education), institutions of military-educational type (military colleges), in consultative psychological centers ("Doverie", "Uventa"), in psychological laboratories of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, office of public prosecutor, regional registry offices, psychiatric clinics, narcological prophylactic centers, organizations of various forms of ownership and types of activity.

Thanks to the combination of scientific aspirations and orientation at the solution of practical problems psychology students have won various competitions, both in Kazan and in Moscow.

The Institute maintains a wide network of various forms of psychological training:

  • Two-year training course at the Additional Education Division for students of all KSU faculties and students from other institutions of higher education in Kazan, where a future specialist in the field of natural or technical sciences, or humanities gets 300-hour training in practice-oriented psychology and writes his or her final essay. Successful graduates receive the certificate with the indication of all courses attended, which is valid as a supplement to the State diploma of higher education.
  • One-year 1000-hour professional qualification upgrade courses for graduates of higher education institutions is focused on training in special psychological disciplines in accordance with the State Standard for the given form of education. Upon the completion of the curricula, defense of the senior thesis and proceeding from the examination results graduates are given the State diploma which entitles them to carry on professional psychological activity in various spheres of practical work.
  • Three-year study for the second degree in psychology for those graduates of institutions of higher education who have decided to broaden their professional competence and to study the full programme of special psychological disciplines in accordance with the basic psychological education curriculum, including studying by correspondence. This programme consists of writing term papers, defense of diploma work, and interdisciplinary examination. Successful graduates receive a proper certificate of higher education with the assignment of qualification "Psychologist. Teacher of psychology".
  • Postgraduate school and the degree of candidate of science are available for the following specialties: 19.00.01 - General Psychology, Psychology of Personality, History of Psychology; 19.00.13 - Psychology of Development, Akmeology; 19.00.05 - Social Psychology. Target audience: those who, as a rule, have basic psychological education and are prepared to independent scientific activity. Requirements: candidate examinations in selected specialty, philosophy, a foreign language, writing up a candidate thesis under the supervision of either professor or docent.
  • Specialized council for the defense and assignment of the scientific degree of candidate of science in psychology (specialties 19.000.01 and 19.000.13).

Institute staff, on a regular basis, grants consultative, methodological and pedagogical assistance to the developing psychological faculties of other universities in the Volga River region: Yoshkar-Ola (Mari Branch of the Moscow Open Social University), Cheboksary (Cheboksary State University), Naberezhnye Chelny (Institute of Economics, Management and Law, Institute of Management), Nizhnekamsk (branch of the Moscow State Institute of Economics), Almetyevsk (Almetyevsk Municipal University).

Nowadays, the Institute enjoys the status of one of the most famous organizational, scientific-methodological and psychological centers of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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