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Professor Linar N. Latypov

  Address: 1, Pushkin str.,
  420111 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 292-07-78

Institute of Oriental Studies and International Relations

The Institute of Oriental Studies as an independent unit of Kazan Federal University was formed after the decision of KSU Senate of April 27, 2000 on the basis of the Department of Oriental Languages at the Faculty of Tatar Philology, History and Oriental Languages.

The main objective of the Institute is restoring, preserving and further developing Oriental studies at Kazan University, Kazan and the Tatarstan Republic. The peculiarity of Oriental studies at KFU today is that one unit is involved in both targeted research and high-level expert training of under- and post-graduate students. Currently, students from different countries learn at the Institute.

The Institute has three departments of specialization: Oriental Languages, Turkology, History and Economy of Eastern Nations. The main research direction "Interaction of oriental languages with Turkic languages in historical and culturological aspects" and "History of Russian oriental studies (end of 18th - beginning of 20th centuries)".

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