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Department of State and Municipal Administration

Foundation Date: October 17 2002
Head of the Department: Dr. Galina Suldina
Dr. of Science in Economics (1993), Professor

Contact Information:
Address: Office 301, II building, 18, Kremlevskaya street, 4200008, Kazan, Russia
Tel. +7 (843) 231-53-73;
FAX: +7(843) 238-17-86

Staff of the department:

Suldina Galina - PhD in Economics; Dr. of Science in Economics, Prof.
Glebova Irina - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
Khusnutdinova Svetlana - PhD in Geography, Associate Professor
Vladimirova Svetlana - Assistant Prof., PhD. student in Economics
Sadyrtdinov Ryslan - Assistant Prof., PhD. student in Economics
Tarasova Julia - Assistant Prof.
Fevraleva Inna - Methodist

Courses that we teach:

  1. The System of State and Municipal Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Urban Management
  4. Sociology of Management
  5. Management of Conflicts
  6. Public Relations
  7. History of Public Administration in Russia
  8. Management of Public (state and municipal) Property
  9. Governmental Regulation and Support of Small Business
  10. Municipal Law
  11. International Public Law
  12. Foundations of Local Self-Government
  13. State and Municipal Finances
  14. Economic and Social Forecasting
  15. Ethics and Culture of Management
  16. Social and Politic Risk Management
  17. Strategic Management of Territory
  18. Regional Economy and Management
  19. Demography
  20. Ecology of Territory
  21. Research of Social, Economical and Political Processes
  22. Public Administration
  23. Economy of Local Self-Government
  24. Ecological Management

We are actively expanding our research interests in the frames of the major scientific branch "State and municipal management of social and economic processes in the modern society" at:

  1. The problems of state and municipal management.
  2. Strategic management of territory and local policy.
  3. Public relations in the field of state and municipal management.

We very actively collaborate with our foreign colleagues. Our active position resulted in multiple grants that we are currently involved in.

We suggest cooperation in the following fields:

  1. Education - training of specialists, adapted to modern social and economic conditions via rendering educational services on all the levels of higher education, postgraduate education and supplementary professional courses.
  2. Scientific and practical research - holding research work in order to reveal the causes of non - effective ways of social and economic management processes on micro and macro levels.
  3. Consulting - rendering consulting services for the representatives of the government and business to introduce innovative technologies into social and economic relations and processes management.

Suggested directions of bilateral cooperation

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. State and municipal management
  3. Territory development
  4. State - private partnership
  5. Municipal economy
  6. Business
  7. PR - public relations
  8. Crisis management
  9. State and Municipal property management

Suggested forms of cooperation:

While effecting this cooperation the following activities can be done:

  1. Exchange of scientific and pedagogical experience in the pointed out directions.
  2. Holding common scientific conferences, symposiums, forums and seminars, including the ones on using active teaching forms such as work in focus - groups, organizing business games, round tables and other contemporary forms of work either research or practical.
  3. Exchange of educational and research programs, as well as mutual consulting on matters of methods and didactics.
  4. Teaching material development, particularly development of electronic books, preparation and approbation of joint teaching events in the Internet;
  5. Translation and publication text - books, supplies and reference books on the marked matters.
  6. Preparation and holding joint research works on the state of vocational training and encouragement of government workers and business representatives and public organizations with further publication of such research work.
  7. Carrying on training and joint work in state and municipal authorities.
  8. Rendering consulting services in distance, corporate image enhancement, crisis and conflict situations management, organization of the negotiations and giving presentations, etc.
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