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About the Institute
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Department of Management

Foundation Date: March 17 1998
Head of the Department: Igor A. Kirshin
PhD in Economics (1990), Associate Professor

Contact Information:
tel. +7(843) 231-53-07
FAX: +7(843) 236-43-04

Faculty and Staff:
Odinokov Michael - PhD in Technical Science, Associate Prof.
Rasumovskaya (Tzalikova) Elena - Dr.Sc. in Economics, Prof.
Bogdanov Andrey - PhD. in Economics, Associate Prof.
Kutzevol Nadejda - PhD. in Economics, Associate Prof.
Popov Michael - PhD. in Economics, Associate Prof.
Safina Dinara - PhD. in Economics, Associate Prof.
Avdonina Sofia - Assistant Prof.
Salmina Svetlana - Methodist

Courses that we teach:

  1. General Management
  2. Theory of Organization
  3. Organizational Behavior
  4. Innovation Management
  5. Strategic Management
  6. Logistics
  7. Economics and Management in Social Sphere
  8. Public Relations
  9. Information Management
  10. Total Quality Management
  11. Organization of Production
  12. Industrial Management
  13. Conflict Resolution in Business
  14. Cross-cultural Management
  15. International Business
  16. National Economies in a Global Competitive Framework
  17. International Management
  18. Mass Media Management
Department of Management is a leading one for the Strategic Management specialization. We are involved in teaching Financial Management and Marketing specializations students together with our colleagues from the Department of Economics.
We are currently involved in Federal (Presidential) Program of Retraining Managers as a leading Department for General Management specialization, which is the most popular among our students. About 75 managers from various Tatarstan firms and enterprises are graduating KSU with this specialization every year. Besides, our professors are certified to do training in the frames of world known Netherlands' marketing program RIMA.
We are involved in teaching international students who are studying in KSU at the Young Leaders Exchange Program. Besides, we are very actively collaborate with our foreign colleagues: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Belgium, Netherlands, British and American academicians and scientists. Our active position resulted in multiple grants that we are currently involved with.

We are recognized leaders in Tatarstan in the following research areas:

  • TQM (leading professor - the only one in Tatarstan, certified by German Academy of Quality in teaching TQM - is involved in research projects and consulting with numerous Tatarstan and Russian industrial enterprises)
  • Organizational Design (Life Cycle Theory practical implementation; scientific seminars in American Universities: UTK, GWU, UCF)
  • Cross-cultural Issues in International Business (workshops in GWU, Washington DC; joint research with the International Project Team leaded by academic editor of Cross-cultural Management Journal David A. Ralston; teaching cultural sessions for the Taiwanese MBA Program in UTK)
  • Innovation Methods in Management Education (6 publications in International Conferences Proceedings multiple publications in Proceedings of Russian conferences; our last paper is submitted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal, USA, summer 2002; we were involved in workshops for educators on Belgrade Conference of Alliance of Universities for the Democracy, November 2001)
  • Corporate Governance Issues (joint research with the American colleagues and publications)
We are actively expanding our research interests at:
  • Management in a Social Sphere;
  • Logistics and Transportation;
  • E-trade issues;
  • International Business topics.

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