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About the Faculty

Dean of the Faculty
Professor Kamil R. Galiullin

  Address: 18, Kremlevskaja str.,
  420008 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 231-51-17, 231-54-66
  Fax: (007-843) 292-44-48

Faculty of Philology

Philology has been at Kazan University since its foundation. Thus, the Department of Philology was started by the Decree of 1804. The Faculty of Philology was organized in 1835 and the Faculty of History and Philology in 1865, which was incorporated into Eastern Pedagogical Institute in 1922. In 1940 Philology was restored at the University as the Faculty of History and Philology.

The present-day name, the Faculty of Philology, appeared at Kazan University in 1980, after the Faculty of History and Philology split into two faculties. Philology at Kazan University is presented by some prominent names in history like V.Grigorovich, I.Bodouen de Courtene, N.Krushevskiy, etc, while in the later 20th century there were N.Gulyaev, G.Linstser, A.Voznesenskiy, etc.

Currently, around 100 people teach at the Faculty, of them 15 professors, doctors of science and over 60 associate professors, candidates of science representing seven following departments:

  • Foreign literature
  • History of Russian language and linguistics
  • Romanic and Germanic philology
  • Russian language and literature at national school
  • Russian literature
  • Contemporary Russian language
  • Theoretical and applied linguistics.

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