3rd International Workshop on
Statistical Physics and Mathematics for Complex Systems
SPMCS'2012 (25-30 August 2012, Kazan, Russia)

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Welcome to SPMCS2012! Welcome to Kazan University!

3rd International workshop on Statistical Physics and Mathematics for Complex Systems SPMCS2012 will be held at Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia. The workshop is organized by Kazan University, Russia, and Institut supérieur des matériaux et mécaniques avancées ISMANS, France.

Kazan University is one of the oldest universities in Russia and many important discoveries in physics and mathematics have been made here. Among others the non-Euclidian geometry by N. Lobachevsky, electron paramagnetic resonance by E. Zavoisky, classification of Einstein spaces by A. Petrov could be mentioned. In SPMCS2012 we wish to bring together a broad community of researchers from the different branches of the explosion-like developing complexity science, the science of non reductionist way of thinking facing new multiscales objects, huge amount of data and multi scientific point of views to discuss the fundamental challenges in the theory (topology, statistical physics, dynamical systems, number theory, pedagogy etc). as well as the applied aspects for many practical problems (condensed matter, particle physics, energy, information network, cryptography, biology, sociologic and psychological stability, city development, political sciences etc).

SPMCS workshop series was created with the objective to be an interdisciplinary incubator for worldwide exchange of innovational and revolutionary ideas and results. We hope that SPMCS2012, with Kazans scientific background and tradition, will be an exceptional stage of this evolving platform. Its topics can be detailed as follows

- statistical physics and thermodynamics for finite-size, nanoscale and nonextensive systems, quantum thermodynamics

- time and irreversibility in complex systems

- fractal geometry, fractional operator statistics and complex systems

- complexity in strong correlated systems

- fluctuation theorems, conservation principles and qualities

- econophysics, biophysics, bioinformatics, ecophysics and environment strategy

- engineering innovation and pedagogy for complex systems

- computer simulation and epistemology of modeling for complex systems

- geoinformatics

- political sciences and prospective strategy

- other related fields

Also several round table discussions are to be scheduled, the topics are (but not limited to) the following:

- mechanics, statistical mechanics and quantum theory

- management and policy for complex systems

- project and prospective in complex systems

- accounting in complex systems

3rd3rd International workshop on Statistical Physics and Mathematics for Complex Systems SPMCS2012 continues the series of conferences organized at ISMANS, Le Mans (France) in 2008 and at Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan (China) in 2010. The proceedings of the last conference can be found here.

SPMCS2012 is supported bytheGovernment of Tatarstan Republic (Russia), Material Design (USA), Réseau national des systèmes complexes RNSC (France), Institut supérieur des matériaux et mécaniques avancées ISMANS (France), Kazan Federal University (Russia).

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