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Collections History

The staff of the Department makes use of natural plants in their researches and educational process. At present one can see plants of different families and geographical zones on the window-sills in the department study-rooms.

Among natural plants there are those from many groups of higher plants such as mossy and psilotaceans, fern allies, gymnosperms and angiosperms. The last group of higher plants is represented most widely. The collection includes monocotyledons, such as samples from Amaryllidaceae, Aroideae, Commelinaceae and other families.

The majority of cultivated plants are related to the class of dicotyledons. The collection of cactuses' family is of special interest among them. It implies plants, grown from seeds in the beginning of the 1970s by A.G.Smirnov. Since the 1970-s A.P.Sitnikov has been responsible for expansion and preservation of the collection.

Except cactuses and other succulents the plants of specific living form or unusual morphological features (such as Ruscus, Monstera, Banana, and many others) are grown at the Department.

All species of the department collection are used for studies. During practical hours students under the direction of Botany Department lecturers make contemporary collections, which will be continuity of botanic knowledge at Kazan University.

Collection of Cactuses. Flowering Plants of Mammillaria genus
Collection of Cactuses. Flowering Plants of Mammillaria genus

Fragment of Collection
Fragment of Collection

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