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Collections History

In 1914 the herbariums were completely inventoried. As a result we got systematized collections, mounted samples on the sheets of thick paper, author's collections and a catalogue. In the 1960-1970s the Herbarium was re-organized and author's collections were broken up. At that time information on the stores was sent for publishing as "Index Herbarium" and given the acronym "KAZ".

All the materials of the KAZ Herbarium stores can be divided into basic and duplicate. The latter was formed not long ago from samples, gathered on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The materials of the basic store, enumerating approximately 90,000 units, can be classified according to a number of features.

According to the time (dates) of gathering there can be historical and contemporary collections. The historical ones include collections gathered during the period of time from the XIX century to the 1930-1940s. They are mainly author's collections from different geographical zones notable for integrity, complete design and references. Except their scientific value they are of great historical importance.

The contemporary group implies collections having been gathered from the middle of the XX century up to nowadays. The majority of their samples are not mounted and there are no catalogues of the collections.

According to geographical principle one can divide the basic store into three more or less equal groups.
The first of them is the Herbarium of Tatarstan Flora. There are materials on expedition researches of flora from many administrative regions of the republic.
The second - group implies the herbarium of the former Russian Empire Flora or the former USSR. There are collections from European and Asian parts of Russia.
The third - one is a herbarium of the world flora. Three rather big collections of plants' species from different geographical zones of the Earth can be related to it as well as a number of small flora collections of different countries and regions (Mexico, Capsky region, European countries and others), bought in the previous century.

Yu.Shel's Herbarium
Yu.Shel's Herbarium

Card from Hand-Written Catalogue
Card from Hand-Written Catalogue

Herbarium Samples of Ferns
Herbarium Samples of Ferns

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