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Collections History

A considerable acquisition of the University Herbarium in the end of the XIX century was a result of active work of Natural Scientists' Society of Kazan University. It happened first of all owing to collectors P.N.Krylov, S.I.Korzhinsky, A.Ya.Gordyaghin, as well as other staff members and students of the Department. A lot of materials were given by non-local botanists, in particular the Collection of Nizhniy Novgorod Province Plants by V.A.Rayevsky. Valery Aleksandrovich gave it to the University with the following message:

"I give my herbarium collection of Nizhniy Novgorod Region plants with respect to science and researches as a gift to the Natural Scientists' Society of Kazan University and would be grateful for their taking my imperfect and incomplete collection indulgently. Valery Rayevsky, Nizhniy Novgorod City, January 9, 1882".

The collection is big and well-preserved. There are labels and marvelous drawings on some herbarium sheets. The Society of Natural Scientists was grateful to Rayevsky for it. At present the collection enumerates 440 herbarium sheets, 438 herbarium samples of 393 species.

The establishment of the Kazan School of Geobotany, which played a great role in the development of Botanic Geography of Russia, occurs on the end of the XIX century; its founder was Sergey I. Korzhinsky.

After Korzhinsky, who left for Tomsk in 1888, the Kazan School of Geobotany was headed by Andrey Ya. Gordyaghin. Among his disciples were such famous botanists as N.A.Bush and V.I.Baranov, B.A.Keller and V.A.Kryugher, V.I.Smirnov and I.I.Spryghin, V.I.Taliyev and D.Ye.Yanishevsky.

During the period from the end of the XIX century to the beginning of the XX century other fields of Botany - physiological and systematic - were developed at the Department. The prominent representatives of the science were professors Ye.F.Votchal and V.V.Lepyoshkin, V.R.Zalensky and K.S.Merezhkovsky, V.A.Rotert and M.S.Tsvet.



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