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"Near-Earth Astronomy-2009"
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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: "Near-Earth Astronomy-2009"
22 - 26 AUGUST 2009

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (.doc file - 17.08.2009)

First announcement

Institute of Astronomy RAS and Kazan State University invite you to participate in the international conference "Near-Earth Astronomy 2009" which will be held 22-26 August 2009.

The conference "Near-Earth Astronomy" is a satellite meeting of the UNESCO General Conference "Astronomy and World Heritage: Across Time and Continents " in Kazan. The UNESCO Thematic Initiative "Astronomy and World Heritage" contributes to the preparation of the International Year of Astronomy, and will provide an opportunity to raise public awareness about the safeguarding of scientific heritage. (http://www.astroheritage.ru/index.php)

The conference "Near-Earth Astronomy" is an interdisciplinary meeting aiming to bring together researchers studying different aspects of near-Earth natural and artificial populations. The preliminary program of the conference includes the following topics.

  1. New problems in studying near-Earth space
  2. Asteroid-comet hazard yesterday, today and tomorrow
  3. Cosmogony of small bodies in the inner Solar system
  4. Apohis as an object of a particular focus in the next decade

Scientific program committee:

A.A. Boyarchuk (Chairman), L.V. Rykhlova , N.A. Sakhibullin, K.V. Shustov B.M., E.L. Akim, V.K. Gusyakov, V.V. Adushkin, V.G. Degtyar, V.V. Emelyanenko, A.V. Zakharov, N.M. Ivanov, M.B. Martynov, V.F. Fateev, V.A. Shor, V.P. Savinykh

Local organizing committee:

Ya.A. Nefed'ev (Chairman), M.G. Ishmukhamedova (vice-Chairman), E.D.Kondrateva, N.I. Sulejmanov, G.D. Mulkomanov, V.G. Pol, S.I. Barabanov, E.S. Bakanas, G.T. Bolgova


The format of the conference includes invited papers (30-40 minutes), oral presentations (10-15 minutes) and posters.


Abstracts are accepted in electronic form by 1 April 2009.

Registration fee

The registration fee is 500 roubles. It will be paid in cash at the registration desk on arrival. The registration fee does not include travel expenses, accommodation and other expenses of participants.


It is planned that participants will stay in the hotel "Geleznodorognik" located 20 km from Kazan.

Registration form for participation in the conference on http://www.astroheritage.ru/index.php?id=2 (dead line 01.04.09 )

Send your registration form and abstract to lena@inasan.ru (dead line 1April 2009).

You can find the additional information on http://agora.guru.ru/oza-2009


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