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Turayevo Group of Burial Meunds.

Hun or Hun- Avar period in the region of the Middle Volga and the Kama rivers is characterized by culture development of autochon Finish speaking population (e. p. Aselino culture in the country between two rivers- the Volga and Vyatka) from one side and an intrusion of newcomers to this region from anither. The evidenct of archeological traces of the newcomers is a small, but very rich complex of Turaevskyi Burial Mound, which has obvious Hun- Avar culture features.

Turaevki Burial Mound was foumd in 1969 near village Turaevo in Elabouzhki region of Tatarstan. It was investigated by the Kazan University expedition, headed by V.F. Gening in 1959- 1960 and in 1969. Burial mounds occupy not very big place (40x 80 metres). Twenty three burial places were revealed at this mound. The height of mounds is 0.5- 1.5 meters. The diameter is 5- 15 m. Males Fighting men are buried there. Obviously, they hat been killed during the armed conflicts with local inhabitants. Various sets of tools and rich armour with beftsets (!!!!!!) decorative plates can be found in the burial mounds.

Having analized the material and stratigraphy V.F. Gening dated Turaevski Mound from the end of the beginning of the V cent. A.D.

Valiulina S.I.

Literature: Gening V.F. Turaevski Burial Mound. (A Burial of Military leaders )\\ From the History of the Volga and the Kama region. Kazan. 1976.
Collection press -mark: AKU 238|1-119.

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