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Bolshe-Tigansky cemetery

A grave, which is dated to the beginning of the 10th century, was found near the village Bol'shie Tigany in Alexeevskii region of Republic Tatarstan in 1974.

It is called Bol'she-Tiganskii Grave. In 1974-1984 it was investigated by the Kazan State University expedition headed by E.A.Halikova, and 156 burial sites were discovered. A burial rite and a stock of Bol'she-Tiganskii Grave are similar to materials of graves situated on the territory of modern Hungary and which are dated to so called period of conquest by Hungary of motherland ( the end of 9th - the beginning of 10th centuries ).

The content of Bol'she-Tiganskii Grave confirms the conjecture of domestic and Hungarian scientists about the location of the legendary motherland of Hungarians - Magna Hungaria - on territory of Kama and Ural.

Valiulina S.I

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