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Шлем из Тураевского могильника The territory of the Middle Volga region has a unique massifs of lowlands, which from the early antiquity were occupied by food-gathers, hunters, herdsmans and farmers. It is situated on the borders of East and West, forests and steppes, in the merge region of Kama and Volga - the largest river of Europe.

The different nations left here the archaeological monuments: settlements, burials, hoards and other objects, dated from epoch of the Palaeolithic up to the Middle Ages and representing the pride of our Motherland. Archaeological monuments are frequently unique sources, capable to tell us about the time passed long ago, about our ancestors and the events of this period. They are very important for the solution of Eastern European Finnish-Hungarian and Turkic nations origin.

During almost 200 years history of archaeological researches in Tatarstan a few thousands of monuments were detected. Basic collections from this sites are kept in scientific and cultural institutions of the Republic: in the State United Museum of the Tatarstan Republic, in the Institute of History of the Tatarstan Republic Academy of Sciences, in the Kazan State University, Bolgar historic-architectural reserve, Biliar historic-archaeological and natural museum-reserve, Iske-Kazan state museum-reserve. Recently, due to large work of the local enthusiasts, museums at regional centres and schools have been opened.

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