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One of the rooms (hall 1) contains an exposition showing the Archaeology of the Middle Volga region from the Paleolithic till upper Medieval epoch. Another room (hall 2), where the laboratory processing of the materials is carried out, holds the part of exposition presenting the History of archaeological studies at University, the scientific methods in Archaeology, Osteology, Anthropology, and Numismatics. In the museum seminars on Archaeology and optional courses for students take place. Annually "Open Doors Days" are arranged, for schoolchildren to be able to get acquainted with the museum exposition.

Hall 1. Archaeology of the Middle Volga and Ural region. The exposition of the hall reflects, on archaeological sources, the main stages of the Ancient and Medieval History of the Middle Volga and Ural region, illustrates its ethno-genetic processes. Showcase 1 shows the map of archaeological monuments, collections of which constitute the museum funds. Other showcases contain information on Paleolithic (showcase 2), Mesolithic (showcase 3), Neolithic (showcase 4), Bronze Age (showcase 5), Early Iron Age, Prikazanskaya, Ananino, Piyanoborskaya cultures (showcase 6), the epoch of the Great Migration of Peoples, the Turayevo group of burial mounds, Azelino, Imenkovo, Kushnarenkovo cultures (showcase 7), on ancient Hungarians on Middle Volga, the Bolshye Tigany burial ground (showcase 8).

In the same hall the information on the Volga Bulgaria Archaeology is placed: the early Bulgar period, the Bolshye Tarkhany and Tankeyevka burial grounds (showcase 9), Volga Bulgaria cities (maps and air photos) (showcase 10), Bilyar - the capital of the premongolian Bulgaria (showcase 11), the premongolian Volga Bulgaria culture (showcase 12), the Volga Bulgaria during the Golden Horde epoch, the city of Bulgar (showcase 13). In showcase 14 materials on the Archaeology of Kazan city is situated.

In Hall 2 showcase 1 illustrates the development of Archaeology in Kazan University. Other showcases display the link of Archaeology with other arts and sciences: scientific methods (showcase 2), Osteology (showcase 3), Anthropology (showcase 4), Numismatics (showcase 5). The hall exposition is enriched by a gallery of portraits of prominent researchers who contributed to the forming of the museum funds and to the development of Archaeology and Ancient History of the Middle Volga and Ural region.

The Archaeological museum is situated in the 2nd building of Kazan State University (floor 12, rooms 1211 and 1212). Address: 35 Kremlevskaya Str., Kazan.

Mail address: 18 Kremlevskaya Str., 420008 Kazan, Russia. Phone number 7 (8432) 31-54-48

The museum is open for visitors (on previous application) daily, except Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

The museum staff

Valiulina Svetlana Igorevna (sphere of research interests - glass and glazed pottery, crafts and international links of the Volga Bulgaria).
Phone: (843)231-54-48

The Chief Curator:
Mardanshina Elena Mikhailovna
Phone: (843)231-54-48

The Curator:
Fahretdinov A. I.
Phone: (843)231-54-48

Galkina A. A.
Phont: (843)231-54-48

Nuretdinova A. R.
Phone: (843)231-54-48


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