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Diverse archaeological monuments of the Republic allows to present the basic stages of historical development of the region, beginning from the settling by Stone Age man and up to the Late Middle Ages.

It is known, that the archaeological history of mankind includes a few periods: Stone Age, subdivided into periods, i.e. the Palaeolithic (Early Stone Age), the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) and the Neolithic (Late Stone Age); Bronze Age with the periods of the Eneolithic and the classical Bronze Age; Iron Age with the periods of Early Iron Age (Ananino culture, Pianoborie culture) and the Middle Ages (Imenkovo culture, Volga Bulgaria, Golden Horde). In Tatarstan there are archaeological monuments of all these periods, including such as Ananino and Pianoborie cemeteries, or Imenkovo promontry fort. They gave names to Ananino, Pianoborie and Imenkovo archaeological cultures, the monuments of which are known far outside Tatarstan Republic. It is possible to add, that the principal sites of ancient cities of the Volga Bulgarians, such as Biliar, Bulgar, Suvar, Oshel', Kazan, Kashan, Djuketau are situated in Tatarstan.

Materials, reflecting characteristic features of these epochs are represented on stands either kept in the collections of the Archaeological museum of Kazan State University.

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